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The Border Wish Kennel was born from a desire to perfect the Border Collie breed, the most charming and intelligent in the world! I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I have had many dogs of different breeds and like all, I was enchanted with the beauty and intelligence of the border collies. In 2014 I bought a border collie puppy without much knowledge, but for the beauty and color. This dog, because I did not have a good lineage, died of a congenital disease, that's when I decided to create so that no one else would go through the same pain I passed. I began to study the race, its care, the examinations required according to its predisposition, making sure that I would start with great zeal, responsibility and love the kennel. I will always be improving, every day more and more, to better serve my clients, to provide healthy, happy and emotionally stable puppies. My wish is to do my best to make my contribution to the breed.

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